The Bus station was put into operation in 1974 and is
aligned with the requirements for public objects of that type..

The Bus Station has a total area of 7440 square meters, of which the covered area is 961 square meters.

The waiting-room has an area of 480 square meters. Next to it are situated 5 ticket-offices and a room for mothers with children. There are 11 sectors for departing and arriving buses.


The bus station has enough places for staying and parking on buses.
On the territory of bus station are situated facilities for the disabled persons and a room for first aid.
For the convenience of passengers, payment in ticket offices could be paid not only in cash, but also with debit and credit cards. A security company guarantees safety of Bus Station’s employees and visitors. On the territory of the bus station are installed cameras for video surveillance, and there is also a Security Guards. On the territory of the bus station are situated patisserie, café, kiosks selling snacks, pavilions for newspapers and magazines, ATM and toilets.

Bus Station - Vratsa is located on following address: Town of Vratsa, 78, Vasil Kanchov Blvd.


Bus routes served by: